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In an effort to revolutionize the way customers and professionals interact and receive information, we are currently reworking our website to better reflect the new trend in technology assisted real estate . We want to be able to give you the flexibility of researching properties from our highly intuitive site and still offer the best in person to person communication and customer service.

About Us

At Reale Realty we strive to give you the very best experience and assistance whether you want to sell your property for top dollar, liquidate a short sale, purchase your first home or invest in Florida real estate. Reale Realty and our team of highly dedicated, experienced and motivated professionals can assist you every step of the way.

Buy and sell confidently in Central Florida real estate!

Want to invest in property? Our experienced sales team will gladly provide you not only with properties to choose from, but also with sales and rental comps, repair estimates*, market statistics, photos, video and anything else you need to make an informed, confident buying decision. We are trusted by hundreds of local and international investors because we help them to invest wisely. CLICK HERE to tell us what type of properties you are seeking.

Buying for the 1st or 2nd time? We'll hold your hand and walk you thru the buying process, making sure that you are clear about everything you need to know to make a safe, smart buying decision on your new home. CLICK HERE to tell us about your ideal home.

Want to sell and have equity? We can either send your property to our current list of cash buyers or put it out on the open market, represent it professionally, market it aggressively and have it sold ASAP for as high a price as the market will bear. We are excellent in getting full price or better for our listings. CLICK HERE to tell us about the property you want to sell.

Need to sell fast and have equity? We pay cash for properties and we have an extensive list of investor-buyers if you are seeking a quick, cash sale, confidential, easy sale. No long-term listing agreements, no repairs, nothing fancy. Just a simple cash transaction. CLICK HERE to tell us about the property you need to sell fast.

Need to sell but have no equity? If you owe more on your property than you can sell it for, you will need a short sale or a note purchase transaction. CLICK HERE to let us know more about your situation.

Also ...

Want to invest in mortgage notes? We can provide you with note purchasing opportunities, both defaulted or performing, 1st's or 2nd's. There's a tremendous opportunity to buy bad and good paper right now. There are amazing bargains since banks are getting rid of their bad debt as fast as they can. CLICK HERE to tell us what paper purchasing you might be most interested in.

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